Sep 2,2015

Tips to avoid disasters outdoors!

Outdoor weddings have a ton of character and ambiance and are becoming increasingly popular in the islands.  Imagine a luscious green lawn decorated with cafe lights and farm tables…

Beautiful, right?!

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As much as I’d like to promise it won’t rain on your wedding, I can’t. Simply because I don’t control Mother Nature. Crazy, right?! On an island, it can rain on any given day regardless of what the day prior looks like and regardless of season. If you don’t want to be “blessed” with rain, opt for a clear tent – you’ll get the protection of the tent with the beauty of the skies.


Mosquitos?! You never see them in pictures, but the greener and lusher the photo, the more prolifant the Mosquitos are… Especially in the wetter seasons. You may want to use citronella candles to help ward them off. Having herbs like Rosemary or flowers like lavender in your arrangements can also help keep those life-sucking nuisances at bay.

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What?! How can grass be a problem?! Not only does grass house bugs and ant homes, but it also ruins heals. Specifically white stilletto heals… As in your bridal shoes. Be sure to slip on some Solemates before you go out and you won’t be a “fashionable scarecrow stuck in the mud”. Thanks to my most recent groom Matt for that hilarious description!

The Essentials

Your typical reception venue (hotel and banquet rooms) will have tables, chairs, and lighting for you to use at no extra cost. Heck, most of them provide a small variety of linen, too! While customizable, outdoor venues will require that you spend money on something that’s otherwise “included” in the venue fee. Tables, chairs, linen, napkins, plates, flatware, water goblets, wine glasses, coffee cups… Everything. Don’t forget to add these essentials to your catering budget!

The Crew

This is specifically for you local folks… your aunty’s and uncles all say they want to help.  The harsh truth is that they don’t REALLY want to help.  They want to help by perhaps holding a couple leis for you or by moving one vase.  just one.  What they really want to do is enjoy – not work.  You will need a crew of vendors who do this professionally, to set everything up beautifully in the very short time frame usually given for outdoor venues.  Your coordinator will set the times up and make sure everyone works harmoniously plus add on personal touches to make it truly your own.  One of my favorite coordinator friends calls us “the glue that sticks it all together.”  Love that.

Plan B

We all wish for blue skies, but should torrential downpour be in the cards… Have a back up plan. A tent on stand-by or indoor location are your best bets against the elements. If those are options are not available, cute umbrellas and a basket full of colorful flip flops (we call them slippers) are a picture perfect stand-in to a “blessing by the Hawaiian skies.”

Have you ever got stuck in the rain at a party? What was the best/worst thing about it? Leave a comment below and let me know!! I love to hear back from you!

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