Aug 18,2015

Prevent burn-out…

It’s amazing what we can accomplish as human beings. How we can give so much and need do little.

Until one day… Your body says…

No more.

Because you’ve given all you could and have nothing left. A bad bout of headaches, fatigue, irritability, chronic sinus infection, and even minor depression is how your body physically tells you you’re cup is empty.  At least that’s how I experienced it.

I couldn’t think anymore; I was tired. I couldn’t work any more; I had no ideas. I couldn’t love anymore; all I wanted to do was cry and be mad and I felt guilty for it.

How could I be sad when I had so much to be grateful for?!  It made me feel even worse to lather on the guilt for not feeling appreciative for all I had.

And then a savior came to my aid. She told me my tank was empty – I burnt out. She told me to fill it myself. She told me to love myself in the best way I’d want to be loved because I deserve it.

So I took a break (hence no post last week) from all the responsibility and put my well-being first. I slept in, got a deep tissue massage, got a little pampering done, detoxed my body with a raw diet, and did some yoga.  And after, I felt like I regained myself again. My headaches were gone. I felt love and patience again. The shell of overwhelm and sadness (and sadness’ armor anger) melted away and revealed a vulnerable, tender inside, fresh, renewed, and ready to start again.

I KNOW you don’t want that to be you.  I also know it happens to too many of us all too easily. But seriously, burn out is. not. cute. So…

Take care of yourself.

Because that’s where it all starts. You are the key ingredient to your life.  Nothing will move forward if you’re not well.

So here are some helpful suggestions to keep you from being burnt-out…

1. Schedule it.

Like physically write whatever it is you need done in your planner so you’re held accountable and can commit to getting what you want done. If it’s not in your calendar, you probably won’t do it.

2. Empty your brain.

Every night, write a To Do list for the next day and on a long term To Do list for the things that won’t realistically get done tomorrow. Separating it into time frames will help set goals for later.  When you write everything down, you’ll sleep better because you won’t worry about trying to remember things – trust me.

3. Laugh. Love. Sweat.

Let’s start out sweaty!  I love heated yoga – it does wonders for my aching body after sitting at a desk all day. Plus it helps me to clear my mind and it gives my endorphins a healthy boost for the day.  If running, swimming, hiking, or even juggling is your thing, go for it. Your body needs exercise (you probably hear it all the time, for good reason!). Your body also needs love and laughter… Usually easier for the average individual, but harder for us entrepreneurs who love what we do and often get the two mixed up.

Love for me means getting a massage and being pampered (think facial, scrubs, spa!). Treating yourself and having someone take care of you for a change. That’s right mama’s of the world – we need to take care of ourselves to have enough patience and endurance to take care of others – families, clients, and friends.

And laughter you’ll get by surrounding yourself with people who are hilarious… You’ve got someone who always makes you laugh right? Give them a call. Like now.  Go ahead. I’ll wait.

4. Talk to yourself nicely.

We all do it – beat ourselves up for not getting something done, not being nicer, not being thinner, not being smarter, not being enough.  Change the station and sing a different tune to yourself. The only person who needs to live with you forever is YOU. So start loving and accepting everything you are.  I am enough. I don’t have to do it all (at least not right now). I can choose. Not everyone will like me and that’s okay. And I need to show myself more love and respect… Because that’s where it starts. With me.

I started this company to feed my creative soul, to help others, and to be able to spend more time with myself and my loved ones. I started to run myself thin to grow the business and I forgot all about the reasons I started it in the first place.

Thank you to my body for alarming me of the problem, to my husband for being 100% supportive and understanding, to my bestie angel for helping me solve the puzzle, and to all of you for being forgiving and supportive.

“Let’s choose a better way. A happier way.”

Please share with those you think could benefit from my experience – it’s the reason I felt compelled to publish it.  Comment or email to show support and love!!!

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Ashlyn {amomintraining}

This is so timely, Kristen. I’ve been wanting to squeeze so much inTo my days that i got mentally paralyzed. Great point about scheduling- that seems to be the only realistic way to get things done!


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