Mar 16,2015

Drive-In Movie Birthday Party

How happy does this guy look?!  “Cars, a car cake (naturally), and hotdogs!”  What better way to marry all three requests then to have a drive-in movie birthday with his friends! All movie guests were invited with cute movie ticket invitations.image

Here he is with his hot wheels while we were setting up… IMG_3639IMG_3645 The cars seen above are cheap in material, but expensive in time so if you’re thinking about this project, start at least a week in advance.  We made our cars with added cardboard for support and durability as well as a place to put their movie box food tray!  The large popcorn “bag” in the back was filled with ivory and yellow balloons “popcorn” which really added to the movie ambiance. photo At the buffet, guests filled their movie tray box with hotdogs, organic cotton candy from Spun Paradise, veggie sticks, chili cheese nachos (get the real cheese recipe here) and popcorn! YUM. To do your own marquee, and see some other cool DIY’s you can do at home, visit my pinterest page here. IMG_3670 IMG_3669 The kids filled their own favor buckets with some of my favorite movie snacks which include twinkies, ding dongs, nutella snacks, 100 grand, lollipops.  I also had fun accessories like colored bead necklaces and glow bracelets for fun as it got dark. IMG_3662 IMG_3663 Check out the birthday boy!  Two days later and he’s still admiring at his cake (untouched) on our dining room table.  Thank you Aunty Eileen for this gorgeous little gem that TOTALLY completed his happy birthday. IMG_3682

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