Oct 7,2014

Do you want to build a snowman?

Her favorite song – Let It Go. Her favorite princess – Elsa.  Her favorite color – blue.  Her favorite season – winter.   That’s right, folks.  Like all little girls aged three to thirty, my daughter had to have a Frozen birthday party for her fifth birthday. If you don’t know what this craze is about, let me be the first to tell you…  it’s madness out there.  Every mother is scrounging the Disney and Target shelves for all things Frozen.  Hoards of parents gather around what’s left of the “shipment of the day.”  That’s right! It doesn’t even last a day!  It’s so bad you’re now able to find handmade and diy projects of Frozen goodies, costumes, and accessories of all imaginations out there.  And don’t even get me started about Pinterest – my fave source of inspiration.

Unlike the many Frozen parties you’ll see out there, I wanted something a little more whimsical.   I stuck to one dominant color and added lots of glitter, crystals, and sparkles.  Drapes and beaded sequence hung from the ceiling with the help of near invisible fishing wire.  My daughter’s words? “Mom, this looks like Elsa’s frozen castle!”  Already, all the work I put in to this party was completely worth it. 🙂


Reuse that boxed up Christmas tree, decorate it with snowflakes and set it against a sheer-blue background and you’ve got yourself an instant Frozen photo booth. Who wouldn’t want to take a picture with Olaf?!


Tables were decorated with glittered snowflake tulle and white winter flowers in glittered (and re-purposed) glass jars.  And every little boy and girl was able to take home their very own Frozen goodie bag.  If you know how to sew, princess totes can be made to match any princess, otherwise you can purchase them here.

IMG_3355 IMG_3347

Here comes my favorite part – dessert!  Get those gorgeous tassel garlands from Studio Mucci which you can find here. Gorgeous snowflake cake and almond paste snowflakes for the cupcakes provided by Eileen Moux.  Do you always have left over lollipops on your candy bar?  Not when they’re peach flavored lollipops from Sweet Caroline Confections.  I had more than enough for each guest and only had six left over… these beauties are sure to be a hit at your next party. And of course, I had to include brownies, macarons, chocolate covered oreos, salted caramel rice krispy treats and cotton candy. Not too much, right?

IMG_3343IMG_3316 IMG_3484IMG_3326 IMG_3331IMG_3325

Grandpa got Elsa to pay my daughter a surprise visit… she even sang (awesome), made crowns with the kids, and made magical snow.  My favorite quote of the day, “I wish we could do this everyday!” Me too, Taylor. Me too.