Aug 20,2014

To Infinity and Beyond!

Happy Birthday Payton!

A few months before Payton turned two, we took a family trip to Disneyland and the only words he said were, “Mommy!”, “Look!”, “Wow!” and “Buzz-n-me-too” (he meant to say Buzz Lightyear). He continued to be fascinated by his new favorite character so what better way to celebrate his birthday than to surround him with all things Buzz? He probably won’t remember this day, but our photos captured how elated he was to see his favorite hero everywhere. And the best part? Most of the decor was added to his new “big boy” room (already blue) when the party was over so almost nothing went to waste.

Army men propped on a painted “P” was the focal point for the food table, which was framed by balloons and streamers.  For the menu, I placed black cloth in a black picture frame and stuck a buzz decal on the outside to dress it up, then wrote away with a chalk pen.  Drop any color cloth behind that picture frame and use it over and over again for all your parties!


Buzz lightyear sillouettes on canvas created clean and simple monochromatic artwork to a playful toddler theme and provided the best backdrop for the dessert table.


Beautiful cake made by my Eileen Moux adorned with a Buzz candle!


Simple plastic bags filled with sixlets and DIY printed tags make cute and cost-efficient favors for the adults! Spaceship tags are easily made with this template and a couple of hole punches with neon green ribbon – a great contrast to the royal blue.


Printing your own labels for water bottles is easy with images from Google and make great paperweights for your table runner.  And since those army men come in bags of 50, might as well use them as decoration with your own potted plants in your garden.  Just make sure you place them on a plate or have a cover for the bottom so your tables don’t get dirty.


The birthday boy enjoying some cake!

IMG_2859 IMG_2878 IMG_2881

Homemade photobooth – super simple with some curtains, paper cut-out clouds and a life-sized Buzz Lightyear balloon from Party City. Guests loved that they could take photos with our in-house photographer or with their own phone to post on Instagram… don’t forget to ask your guests to hashtag (i.e. #Paytons2ndbirthday) so you have access to all the great photos later.

IMG_2798 IMG_2898 IMG_2911

Above is me and my bestie making more memories…