We believe in perfect weddings.

Do perfect weddings exist?
I know what you want me to say…
Of course!


Well, the truth is no wedding is absolutely perfect.
Things will happen and (dare we say it?!) go wrong.

Here at Kristen Moux Events we believe and strive for that perfect wedding.  The best planning coupled with our team’s quick expert action so your day (as you know it) will be perfect.
Harsh reality check:
The perfect day has more to do with you than us.
Blasphemous as it may sound, it’s the truth.  An entire wedding and it’s success is almost entirely dependent on the attitude and actions of the bride.
Here are some tips for that perfect wedding:
1. Don’t blow your budget.
The pressures to have a fabulous and over-the-top wedding is more evident now with the endless pictures on the beast that is social media and places like Pinterest. Don’t let those pressures drive you into a tizzy (or broke!).  Do what will make you happy that day and don’t drown yourself in the one million other things you think everyone else will want to see, eat, or be entertained with at your wedding.  If it’s all becoming too much, take a step back. Take a breather.  And call your planner.
2. Smile.
There’s a saying, “If mom ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.” The same applies to weddings.  “If the bride ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.”  So try to remember all the wonderful things  and roll with the things (or people) that don’t go your way.  All we can control is ourselves… so let’s have the best day possible!
3. Expect an imperfect wedding.
Accept the fact that no one is nor will be perfect and therefore your wedding will not be perfect. But… it’s OK.  Because the most important thing to focus on – is your loved ones surrounding you while you marry the most important person in your life.  So if one thing goes wrong, but one million things go right, it’s still great, because that one most important thing that the entire day hinges on is still going to happen.
4. Love.
Love your vendors – they are the puzzle pieces that make your day even more amazing!  They’re committed to doing the best job for you (the reason they’re in the crazy business to begin with) and they’ll do an even more amazing job if they’re emotionally invested.  So remember that they’re people, with feelings, lives, a family, at least 20 other brides, and a God, just like you.
5. Be decisive.
I tell all my couples – the people who have the most stress are those who can’t decide and keep changing their mind, keep changing their invoices, increasing their budget, and essentially drive their vendors for the hills.  No one wants to hear it, but it’s the truth.  The best thing you can do after you’ve gotten a good idea how you want your wedding to look is to stop looking.  Make at most a one time design change with your vendors, if possible, and move on to other items that need your attention.
6. Hire a planner.
At the very least a wedding coordinator.  It’s amazing the amount of questions we’ll get asked throughout the day.  Like a maestro that guides all the musicians on their instruments to create one perfectly timing beautiful song, we coordinate all of your vendors to create a day thats smooth and seamless for everyone.  In order to create the most beautiful masterpiece, we need all the instruments and participants and music notes.  If you have only hired a coordinator for the day, make sure they know all the players and all the details – we can’t plan that which we don’t know.   Of course, we’re masters at dealing with it, but it makes our day so much more awesome if we can plan for it in advance. 🙂
What if you can’t hire a planner?
If it’s not in your budget, at least ask a friend or family member to step in and help out – be the main contact for your vendors and be able to answer the questions should anyone have any.  Then give her a HUGE hug and gift for filling some really big shoes.
Kristen’s tweetable:
“My wedding will be as successful as the attitude I have toward it.”