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Dec 22,2015

Modern Pineapple Birthday Party

Bad luck for me?! Hell no. In Japanese culture, there are specific years in a person’s life that’s considered “bad luck”.  It’s called a person’s yakudoshi year.  In order to negate your bad luck year, you have a big and fabulous birthday party to ward off all the bad luck and turn it into a good… Read more »

Nov 17,2015

Tips for the most beautiful… skin.

Ladies, today we have a treat… Make-up professional Christa Ohia of Blush Hawaii is guest blogging for us an exclusive topic – how to treat yourself to radiant and supple skin!  From brides to mama’s, I’m sure all of you will find something to take away… like her best kept secrets for skin care AND… Read more »

Oct 5,2015

Tsum Tsum Rainbow Birthday for Taylor

    Meet Taylor. She’s six and her favorite “cookie” is a macaron.  She loves all forms of sugar and her hero is Daddy (well, maybe after Elsa… see that party here).   Her final decision for her sixth birthday (after changing her mind THREE times) was… ~drum roll please~ Rainbow Tsum Tsum!! Disney created… Read more »

Sep 24,2015

Marriage is hard work.

I know what you wanted me to say… Congratulations!  When you’re married it’ll be the happy ending you’ve always wanted!  Your life will be perfect. forever. (Enter hockey buzzer) As my extremely smart fortune cookie once said, “All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.” As this is… Read more »

Sep 2,2015

Tips to avoid disasters outdoors!

Outdoor weddings have a ton of character and ambiance and are becoming increasingly popular in the islands.  Imagine a luscious green lawn decorated with cafe lights and farm tables… Beautiful, right?! Weather As much as I’d like to promise it won’t rain on your wedding, I can’t. Simply because I don’t control Mother Nature. Crazy,… Read more »

Aug 18,2015

Prevent burn-out…

It’s amazing what we can accomplish as human beings. How we can give so much and need do little. Until one day… Your body says… No more. Because you’ve given all you could and have nothing left. A bad bout of headaches, fatigue, irritability, chronic sinus infection, and even minor depression is how your body… Read more »

Aug 5,2015

The light at the end of the tunnel…

I miss my mom. I lost her almost nine years ago to cancer. I never knew how much she really gave, sacrificed, and struggled until I became a mother myself. And I wish everyday I could show her how much I truly appreciate what she did for us. She was a beautiful cheerful woman who… Read more »

Jul 7,2015

Wedding Day Family Photo List – easy peasy.

You’ve only got about a half hour to an hour to get all the family pictures after your ceremony and before you need to enjoy your fabulous and fun cocktail – and trust me, you want to enjoy this.  You also get fabulous pictures you’ll actually want to use in the future in this casual… Read more »