May 12,2015

Marie & Jon


What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process?

Marie: My favorite part was the day I got to meet with the vendors. Seeing and visualizing everything come together made it all seem real. I got really excited! Before this day, everything was just gathered off of Pinterest and emails. It was so fun to see it all personalized for us and our dreams!

Jon: My favorite part is that I didn’t have to do much!

MOB: Ooh – I loved meeting with Kristen and Naomi at Les Saissons. They are wonderfully creative ladies who were both such pros at pulling together the look my daughter wanted!!  That was great fun.  But I have to say that my favorite part was the celebration itself and being able to enjoy it and know that there was somebody I could really trust to be taking care of all the one million little things so that I could focus on family and guests.

Why is having a wedding planner important to you for your special day?

Marie: I was feeling overwhelmed with how many photographers, and florists, etc. I didn’t know how to choose from the millions. Kristen had a great list and wonderful resources. I couldn’t have planned everything so far away, and having a planner took the stress away from the whole thing and made it simply enjoyable. She helped me stay within my budget and gave me a good timeline of when things should get done.

Jon: A wedding planner was important, because you actually get to enjoy yourself. You’re not caught up worrying about anything.

MOB: A wedding can involve a lot of potential slippery slopes–external ones (vendors, a million decisions to make, last minute tweaks and changes to negotiate, etc.) and internal ones (daughter desires vs. parental budget–haha). I simply don’t know what we would have done without Kristen!!  She helped us every single step of the way and was always there as an oasis of calm to guide us or offer a welcomed hand, eye or shoulder, while never imposing her ideas. She had a lot of great suggestions for vendors and all the important little things, she happily tossed out ideas to inspire us when we got stuck, and she was always reachable when things came up. Most of all, I feel like we gained a friend!

What did you like most about your experience working with Kristen?

Marie: What I liked most? I can’t choose one… Kristen was one of the most organized professionals I have ever come across. She had every picture I sent to her, and every important email printed in a binder. When I was all over the place, she was able to help me really focus, but in a fun way.  She is extremely creative, more than I could ever be. I liked her suggestions and was able to pick and choose what I wanted for the wedding. Lastly, she really went above and beyond. I felt as though she truly cared about us and our special day. It’s easy to plan, and give numbers of vendors, but I felt like I was talking to a close friend. When I asked for her honest input, she gave it to me. She also listened when Jon said he was disappointed that he didn’t get to try any wedding cake, she had the reception hall set some aside for him to try the next day. What other planner would go that extra length? We are so happy with the outcome of our special day, and owe a huge portion of those thanks to Kristen Moux Events.

Jon: She never stressed out, and handled everything very calmly.

MOB: KRISTEN!!  She was fabulous!!  If I were to come up with a list of adjectives, they would have to include:  classy, warm, fun, open, always upbeat and positive, super organized, consistently on top of things, and able to pull it all off without a hitch!  Big hugs and kisses to Kristen for helping to create the wedding my daughter dreamed of and for keeping everyone smiling along the way!