Kristen Moux

You started planning your own wedding with the best of intentions Aaaand now you’re over it.  Wedding planning can be overwhelming.  Reeeeally over overwhelming.

You’re not alone.  And no worries.  You can so do this (and I can help!).

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, we are a small boutique design and planning company that liberates you from the unknown, what if’s, and hidden disasters. With a simplistic step-by-step approach, you will be able to confidently plan your wedding whilst fully enjoying your engagement as you should be.

After five years of wedding and event planning, I continue this adventure not only because it honors and highlights my strengths, but because I’m passionate about helping others live their best version of their own life.  From big and beautiful weddings to an epic backyard bbq or the most romantic proposal ever… I  love to make every moment feel extra special because I believe we are all better happier people for trying.

My favorite thing about events… is you! By getting to know you and delivering a genuinely personal experience, I gain a new friend which truly is the greatest gift you give me. Let’s weave the many personal details that make you truly beautiful into an elegant event that tells your guests your story and shares with them the things you love as you start a new life together.

If you’re ready to plan your wedding for real this time, let’s connect. Click here!

I can’t wait to meet you.



In case you want to find out more about my non-biz life…

At the top of my LOVE list is my husband and two children. Right behind them are yoga, wine, flowers, and anything that contains chocolate (like brownies) or that sparkles (like diamonds).  God has also blessed me with many fur babies – one dog, two cats, and one hen. I love music and used to play the piano for fifteen years, but that was almost fifteen years ago. That being said, please don’t ask me to dance!  haha!  I like to call myself a life-long learner and will pick up any new hobby just to learn something new which is how I got into aquaponics, sewing, composting with worms, and shooting rifles at the gun range. That last hobby was actually inspired by the series The Walking Dead… I’m totally hooked!