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Sep 16,2015

The one question I get asked the most…

“Your job is so stressful!  You really like it?!” YES. I do. And to be fair, being a wedding planner doesn’t need to be as stressful as it sounds.  It’s all in the planning. My labor of love is to help my clients have a rockin’ good time.  But I understand that not everyone can… Read more »

Aug 5,2015

The light at the end of the tunnel…

I miss my mom. I lost her almost nine years ago to cancer. I never knew how much she really gave, sacrificed, and struggled until I became a mother myself. And I wish everyday I could show her how much I truly appreciate what she did for us. She was a beautiful cheerful woman who… Read more »

Jul 28,2015

Food Porn: The Prettiest Cocktail Ever

Is it Friday yet?! I’m dreaming of Friday and this pretty little cocktail is definitely on my mind.  On these hot summer days, this cold, light, sweet, and refreshing beverage is perfection. At your wedding, having a signature cocktail is EVERYTHING!  Okay, not everything, but is seriously adds to the ambiance when you can touch on… Read more »

Jul 21,2015

The best thank you for Out-of-town guests

“It is not happy people who are thankful.  It is thankful people who are happy.” And what better way to show your out-of-town guests how grateful you are that they cleared their schedules and spent extra money to help you celebrate one of the biggest moments in your entire life?! A thoughtful and welcoming basket… Read more »

May 20,2015

Must Shots! Pictures you need from your wedding…

When your wedding day is over, you’ll want to look back on your pictures fondly and remember the best moments and little details in their glory.  Here’s a list of must shots you need from your wedding day. 1. Bridal dress Not only is this one of the most anticipated items for guests, it’s also… Read more »

Jan 3,2015

Congratulations Jon and Marie!

Congratulations Jon and Marie!! One scoop classic, two tablespoons of Parisian influence, a pinch of Aloha, and a handful of taupe and white – my instructions from the beautiful and blushing bride. I was blessed when mother of the bride, Jane, asked me to be their wedding coordinator for her daughter’s wedding.  She needed help… Read more »