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Nov 1,2017

Tis the season…

The spookiness of Halloween might be over, but an equally scary statement for many is.. It’s November already. I mean, don’t get me wrong, tis’ the season to be jolly! I LOVE the holidays… my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all rolled up with chilly weather, hot cocoa, and great company and cheer all around.  I’m… Read more »

Sep 8,2017

We believe in perfect weddings

Do perfect weddings exist? I know what you want me to say… Of course! Well, the truth is no wedding is absolutely perfect. Things will happen and (dare we say it?!) go wrong. Here at Kristen Moux Events we believe and strive for that perfect wedding.  The best planning coupled with our team’s quick expert… Read more »

Apr 10,2016

Coffee Shop Fun

“Wanna play?” For all of my wedding industry pals out there, my answer will just about always be… “OF COURSE.” Twenty four hours and two glasses of wine later, we designed and produced not one, but two of the cutest tables to ever find in a coffee shop.  Plus, we got to have a nice… Read more »

Aug 25,2015

Five things you should ask BEFORE you hire them!

Many brides will realize almost too late that they could’ve used a wedding planner.  Why wait until you’re overwhelmed?!  Brides who have planners will enjoy their planning with clarity, organization, great design, a path to take to get to the big day, and will save their family and friends from added day-of stress.  Brides who… Read more »

Jun 11,2015

It’s a new day

It’s a new day at Kristen Moux Events!  Welcome to our brand-spanking-new site, polished and perfect. In preparation for this unveiling, a few fabulous vendors and I put together a photo shoot to highlight my style.  A big mahalo (Hawaiian for “thank you”) to all of you for your love and support! The fabulous Michael from… Read more »

May 12,2015

Worry Less with this Wedding Day Survival Kit

Ever been at a party and your nail chips? It bothers you the entire night. Someone engages you in conversation and you forget for a few moments… and then… there it is again.  You start rubbing it, thinking of ways to file it.  Now, you’re desperate. Here are some essentials to include in your purse…. Read more »

May 1,2015

There’s no life like… A Cake Life!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… CAKE!  Cake is the winner when it comes to a consistent must-have ingredient in any celebration be it a birthday party, wedding, or congratulatory event.  And who better to get your cake from than the one and only Kristin Kato from A Cake Life. A Cake Life has been… Read more »

Apr 27,2015

Quiet your mind… and your heart will lead the way

You pour your heart into something, and you really hope people love it as much as you do – Brooke Elliot. When I was seven, I remember walking all around the neighborhood foraging for the most beautiful and unique flowers. (Ok… I was actually sneaking around picking my neighbors bushes.  But let’s keep that between… Read more »

Mar 24,2015

Including your pet in your big day

Our cute furry friends are like family! For many of you who own a beloved dog (cat, rabbit, bird, or even chameleon!) and want to include them in some way on your wedding day, here are some things to consider… 1. His/her role Pets can either be in attendance (like a guest) or have a… Read more »

May 19,2014

Whiskey and cigars…

I’ve searched the internet, pondered, and looked all over Pinterest for ways to create a birthday party for an adult male and make it… dare I say it… cute.  Yes, I wanted my husband’s birthday party to be cute for all the ladies and yet “cool” for all the dudes.   I went for a rough and rustic… Read more »