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Dec 22,2015

Modern Pineapple Birthday Party

Bad luck for me?! Hell no. In Japanese culture, there are specific years in a person’s life that’s considered “bad luck”.  It’s called a person’s yakudoshi year.  In order to negate your bad luck year, you have a big and fabulous birthday party to ward off all the bad luck and turn it into a good… Read more »

Dec 10,2015

Holiday Hostess Magic

Christmas is in 14 days… that’s just two weeks… or one pay check… Have you finished your Christmas shopping?! I know I haven’t… (Yikes!) With kids, a job, holiday get togethers, shopping and mailing out gifts, this month is extra topsy-turvy for most people. Especially the people who try to wear one-to-many hats – cook, maid,… Read more »

Sep 16,2015

The one question I get asked the most…

“Your job is so stressful!  You really like it?!” YES. I do. And to be fair, being a wedding planner doesn’t need to be as stressful as it sounds.  It’s all in the planning. My labor of love is to help my clients have a rockin’ good time.  But I understand that not everyone can… Read more »

Aug 5,2015

The light at the end of the tunnel…

I miss my mom. I lost her almost nine years ago to cancer. I never knew how much she really gave, sacrificed, and struggled until I became a mother myself. And I wish everyday I could show her how much I truly appreciate what she did for us. She was a beautiful cheerful woman who… Read more »

Dec 15,2014

Holiday Glamping

Welcome to Christmas in Hawaii… At dusk, the air is a cool with trade wind breezes picking up subtle hints of rain.  This beautiful and low branched mango tree was perfect coverage and support for the brass chandeliers which added a bit of romance and glam to this rustic outdoor dining.  If you haven’t heard… Read more »

Oct 7,2014

Do you want to build a snowman?

Her favorite song – Let It Go. Her favorite princess – Elsa.  Her favorite color – blue.  Her favorite season – winter.   That’s right, folks.  Like all little girls aged three to thirty, my daughter had to have a Frozen birthday party for her fifth birthday. If you don’t know what this craze is about,… Read more »

Aug 20,2014

To Infinity and Beyond!

Happy Birthday Payton! A few months before Payton turned two, we took a family trip to Disneyland and the only words he said were, “Mommy!”, “Look!”, “Wow!” and “Buzz-n-me-too” (he meant to say Buzz Lightyear). He continued to be fascinated by his new favorite character so what better way to celebrate his birthday than to… Read more »