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Nov 17,2015

Tips for the most beautiful… skin.

Ladies, today we have a treat… Make-up professional Christa Ohia of Blush Hawaii is guest blogging for us an exclusive topic – how to treat yourself to radiant and supple skin!  From brides to mama’s, I’m sure all of you will find something to take away… like her best kept secrets for skin care AND… Read more »

Sep 24,2015

Marriage is hard work.

I know what you wanted me to say… Congratulations!  When you’re married it’ll be the happy ending you’ve always wanted!  Your life will be perfect. forever. (Enter hockey buzzer) As my extremely smart fortune cookie once said, “All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.” As this is… Read more »

Sep 16,2015

The one question I get asked the most…

“Your job is so stressful!  You really like it?!” YES. I do. And to be fair, being a wedding planner doesn’t need to be as stressful as it sounds.  It’s all in the planning. My labor of love is to help my clients have a rockin’ good time.  But I understand that not everyone can… Read more »

Aug 18,2015

Prevent burn-out…

It’s amazing what we can accomplish as human beings. How we can give so much and need do little. Until one day… Your body says… No more. Because you’ve given all you could and have nothing left. A bad bout of headaches, fatigue, irritability, chronic sinus infection, and even minor depression is how your body… Read more »

Aug 5,2015

The light at the end of the tunnel…

I miss my mom. I lost her almost nine years ago to cancer. I never knew how much she really gave, sacrificed, and struggled until I became a mother myself. And I wish everyday I could show her how much I truly appreciate what she did for us. She was a beautiful cheerful woman who… Read more »

Jul 14,2015

Master the DIY Pedicure

Did you ever have the feeling that everyone would see your chipping polish and cracked skin in your feet and think… Eww… (Raises hand) yup. I know I did. i love pedicures. Nothing makes me happier than having a pretty set of toesies when I go out. Whether your a bride-to-be, mother of three, or… Read more »

Jun 30,2015

Marriage Myths… busted!

 I love happy endings. At the end of the glorious day, I love looking at my couples faces, happy, in love, and tired from the most awesome day. But really, that’s just the start of an epic journey. A journey that will have many more awesome and (let’s face it) terrible moments.  I don’t only… Read more »

Jun 23,2015

Make him want you.

  You’re about to get a huge dose of sexy, so if you can’t handle it, I suggest you switch channels. Every man wants a piping hot siren whose sexiness oozes out of their body like they can’t hide it even if they wanted to. The solution: be that woman. It sounds simple because it… Read more »