Sep 8,2017

We believe in perfect weddings


Do perfect weddings exist? I know what you want me to say… Of course! Well, the truth is no wedding is absolutely perfect. Things will happen and (dare we say it?!) go wrong. Here at Kristen Moux Events we believe and strive for that perfect wedding.  The best planning coupled with our team’s quick expert… Read more »

Apr 10,2016

Coffee Shop Fun


“Wanna play?” For all of my wedding industry pals out there, my answer will just about always be… “OF COURSE.” Twenty four hours and two glasses of wine later, we designed and produced not one, but two of the cutest tables to ever find in a coffee shop.  Plus, we got to have a nice… Read more »

Dec 22,2015

Modern Pineapple Birthday Party

events, party

Bad luck for me?! Hell no. In Japanese culture, there are specific years in a person’s life that’s considered “bad luck”.  It’s called a person’s yakudoshi year.  In order to negate your bad luck year, you have a big and fabulous birthday party to ward off all the bad luck and turn it into a good… Read more »

Dec 10,2015

Holiday Hostess Magic

party, Tips and tricks

Christmas is in 14 days… that’s just two weeks… or one pay check… Have you finished your Christmas shopping?! I know I haven’t… (Yikes!) With kids, a job, holiday get togethers, shopping and mailing out gifts, this month is extra topsy-turvy for most people. Especially the people who try to wear one-to-many hats – cook, maid,… Read more »

Oct 5,2015

Tsum Tsum Rainbow Birthday for Taylor


    Meet Taylor. She’s six and her favorite “cookie” is a macaron.  She loves all forms of sugar and her hero is Daddy (well, maybe after Elsa… see that party here).   Her final decision for her sixth birthday (after changing her mind THREE times) was… ~drum roll please~ Rainbow Tsum Tsum!! Disney created… Read more »

Sep 24,2015

Marriage is hard work.

Beautiful Inside and Out

I know what you wanted me to say… Congratulations!  When you’re married it’ll be the happy ending you’ve always wanted!  Your life will be perfect. forever. (Enter hockey buzzer) As my extremely smart fortune cookie once said, “All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.” As this is… Read more »

Sep 8,2015

I’ve been cursed with the best problem ever…

Good Eats

Too. Many. Mangoes. “Oh, that’s the best problem ever!” For about a month now, my typical afternoon is spent in mangodom – short for “mango kingdom”, mangodom is a new term I’ve created for people with my blessed curse. After I finish my work, I spend 30 minutes a day picking, one hour peeling and cutting,… Read more »

Sep 2,2015

Tips to avoid disasters outdoors!

Tips and tricks

Outdoor weddings have a ton of character and ambiance and are becoming increasingly popular in the islands.  Imagine a luscious green lawn decorated with cafe lights and farm tables… Beautiful, right?! Weather As much as I’d like to promise it won’t rain on your wedding, I can’t. Simply because I don’t control Mother Nature. Crazy,… Read more »