Dec 1,2017

Put a ring on it…

It’s the first day of December and the start of what we wedding pros like to call… engagement season!  While engagements obviously happen all year round, winter seems like the best time for people to pop the question.


For all you guys (and gals!) looking to plan the perfect engagement, we came up with some tips to ensure you land at “I do.”

  1. 1. Location Location Location
  2. Pick a quiet spot that’s also picture-worthy.  You don’t want to risk her not hearing every single word you say.

2. Sunrise or Sunset

Some of the most romantic times of day are at the “golden hour” when the sun is closest to the horizon.  Plus, you’ll look even more dashing in perfect lighting. #winning

3. The Wow Factor

What would totally knock her socks right off because it’s completely out of your character to do?  Do it (as long as it’s safe).  Show her you’ll do anything for her!  But never… put the ring near water, above anything where it could drop and not be found, or in a balloon. Extra points if it takes planning in advance. 😉

4. Make A Speech

Be ready to make speech… you should say at least a few words about why you want to marry this person and be with them for the rest of your life.  Tell her what you love about her, what she has done for you to make your life better, and what you promise her for the years to come.

5. Capture it

Hire a professional photographer to capture the moment. You won’t regret the extra money spent.

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