Dec 22,2015

Modern Pineapple Birthday Party

Bad luck for me?! Hell no.

In Japanese culture, there are specific years in a person’s life that’s considered “bad luck”.  It’s called a person’s yakudoshi year.  In order to negate your bad luck year, you have a big and fabulous birthday party to ward off all the bad luck and turn it into a good luck year.  For women, the most critical yakudoshi year is 32nd birthday.

This past Thanksgiving, I turned 32.  Last year was a great but extremely challenging year for me personally, professionally, and financially.  And you can bet your arse I wanted to ward off any evil from making my 32 year crappy too. So…


I threw myself a party.

And even though it’s a little weird to throw your own party sometimes, it was THE. BEST.  More so than ever this year has taught me that the best way for me is not always what others would choose, and that’s awesome.  Because I don’t want to be like everyone else.  No one has the same strengths as me.  I have to carve my own path.  I gotta do me.  And I’m loving every bit of it.

What’s better than that, right?!

The party was purrrrfect.  Like, Meow.

KMoux Pineapple_104web


All the girls could make their own flower crowns and then check themselves out in this super cute mirror.

KMoux Pineapple_011web

Even this cutie pie wanted in on the flower bar action…

KMoux Pineapple_075web

Some pineapple totes for my girls to take home.  These were stuffed with goodies from Japan and sealed with love by silk ribbon from Honey Silk Company and custom brush calligraphed tags by Holly Saori.




KMoux Pineapple_031web

See that simple pair of chopsticks? It’s got 24K gold leaves at the end so you can sprinkle some magic on your food before you eat.  COOL, right?!

KMoux Pineapple_088web

KMoux Pineapple_065web

I’ll let you in on a (not-so) secret of very successful people… like Bill Gates, and Oprah.  They believed in themselves and others.  Something I think we could all use – more belief in ourselves.

So, this wish?  I’m working my butt off to make it happen and a little magic wouldn’t hurt!


KMoux Pineapple_070web

I couldn’t have done this without my fabulous friends – thank you SO much for everything.  Credits: Les Saissons, Floral Inspirations, Emi Ink, Vivir Photography, A Cake Life, Workshop 28, and Holly Saori.

Don’t go just yet! It’s your turn.  I’d like to hear your favorite birthday party EVER.  Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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