Dec 10,2015

Holiday Hostess Magic

Christmas is in 14 days… that’s just two weeks… or one pay check… Have you finished your Christmas shopping?! I know I haven’t… (Yikes!)

With kids, a job, holiday get togethers, shopping and mailing out gifts, this month is extra topsy-turvy for most people. Especially the people who try to wear one-to-many hats – cook, maid, secretary, host, private shopper, accountant, and professional IG’er all-in-one (am I right?!).

So you’ve got a party at your house this season…

Like in 2 weeks…

And you haven’t given a SINGLE thought to it besides making sure everyone will be there.

I got you.

And we won’t break the bank. Promise.

First, make sure you’ve cleared a space in (or outside) your house so each guest has a seat at the table.

Then, go call my friend Naomi at Les Saissons to rent some gorgeous specialty linen for your dinner party.  If you’re trying to do this all on a Hawaiian budget, hit up Amazon and get a neutral colored floor length tablecloth, fancy gold runner, and napkins to get fancier than your lets-have-a-potluck-this-weekend fare. Go buy them now, I’ll wait…

(insert Mr. & Mrs. Smith elevator music)

Next, go foraging around your neighborhood and make a classic green and simple diy table runner like this.

Add a personal detail, like these hand-written place cards, your favorite ornaments, or menus.

Buy a glass of Prosecco and enjoy!

And if you looked at this list and said to yourself “There’s no way I’m going to make this happen by myself” Then I have an even BETTER solution.

Come meet the professionals at a Holiday Hostess workshop to get the goods you’ll need for your party and learn how to put a fabulous table together for $40.  We’ll be going over how to set up and dress a table, napkin folding basics, and how to put together your own centerpieces.  Join us at The Wedding Cafe  in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 20th from 4-6pm.

Reserve your tickets today!!


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