Sep 24,2015

Marriage is hard work.

I know what you wanted me to say…

Congratulations!  When you’re married it’ll be the happy ending you’ve always wanted!  Your life will be perfect. forever.

(Enter hockey buzzer)

As my extremely smart fortune cookie once said,

“All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.”

As this is true for many things, it is also true for relationships.

ALL relationships. Without exception.

And like all living things, relationships can deteriorate without the proper care and attention over time.  So whether you have happy ending will continually depend on your consistent actions.  

My husband and I are always working towards two things: to create a better life for our children and a better relationship between and among us.

Oh yes, we’ve had our battles, don’t get me wrong.  There have been times that were tough (like the time some of his things found their way into a trash bag in the garage… sorry, honey!).  But in the end, we are stronger  because of it.

So, work!  Work to make it better every day.  Never be selfish with your love.  

Surprise him with little notes.  An extra juicy kiss on the lips when he comes home.  A clean tool box (wait, I take that back.  Never reorganize man things… you don’t want him asking you where the “splicer” is).  A foot massage while he watches his favorite show.  Maybe even save him from a day of talking about your day (he is a dude, after all).

For you dudes… Make your special lady dinner with candles and wine. Buy her a luxurious blanket and a spa candle. Kiss her shoulder every time you walk by.  Leave her notes in her purse.  Clean the house (or hire some cleaners to clean it, but for the love of all that’s good leave her dirty laundry alone!).

If you need more insight, pick up a copy of The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  This book, along with a few others, have helped me better understand myself and my husband. The better I know him and myself, the easier it is to create a relationship of trust, love, and forgiveness and be a majorly kick-ass wife.

I love helping my clients build a relationship that will help them flourish long after my job of taking some stress off planning their big day.  I truly want their relationships to thrive long after the honeymoon.

What will you do today to show your love and appreciation? Leave a comment below and let me know!!


Ashlyn @ A Mom In Training

This is such a good reminder for couples, especially for those who’ve been married for a few years now. LOL at the toolbox organizing and the dirty laundry! That made me laugh.

I agree with the five love languages. Aaron and I did this together and it’s been pretty amazing to see our marriage flourish when we speak each other’s love languages {we both forget though at times}.

Thanks for sharing this!

Kristen Moux

Ashlyn! Right there with you mama! If you have time, I’d also recommend the Gallup’s Strengths Finder Test. It’s geared to search for your talents and turn them into fuel for success in business, but it has totally opened my eyes in terms of understanding each other on another level. 🙂 The audio book is PERFS for those long commutes to work!


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