Sep 8,2015

I’ve been cursed with the best problem ever…

Too. Many. Mangoes.

“Oh, that’s the best problem ever!”

For about a month now, my typical afternoon is spent in mangodom – short for “mango kingdom”, mangodom is a new term I’ve created for people with my blessed curse. After I finish my work, I spend 30 minutes a day picking, one hour peeling and cutting, and another 30 minutes baking while my family delivers mango.

Most days I feel like Bubba… “mango jam, mango chutney, mango fruit roll-up, mango ice cream, mango popsicle, mango mojito, mango salsa, mango bread, mango bundt cake, mango cupcakes, mango infused rum, mango shrub…”

Today I’m going to kick off your back to work after a long Labor Day weekend with my new favorite cocktail…


 Frozen Mango Mojito

You’ll need two ripe mangos, juice from one fresh lime, eight mint leaves, two shots of rum, and 8 ice cubes. Blend in a Vitamix until smooth and… voila!  It was SO delicious and easy on a hot day and you couldn’t even taste the rum – dangerous.


If that wasn’t enough mango for you, I have scoured and tested LOTS of mango recipes all over the internet and I’ve inlcuded my favorites right here for your tasting pleasure.

1) Mango salsa.  Oh my did this get swallowed up fast in this household.  I also added red bell peppers and fresh jalapeño for natural heat and boy-oh-boy did that kick it up a notch. YUM.  Add some Tortilla scoops and it’s an official hit.

2) Mango Jam. This simple three ingredient jam is a perfect way to preserve too much mango goodness. Spread over your choice of bread or cake and have summer in your mouth all over again.

3) Mango Ice Cream. Crazy addicting, fast and easy, and almost guilt free. Need I say more?

4) Mango Cupcakes. The recipe is not a quickie, but it is one of my favorite special mango treats for a special gathering.

5) Mango Fruit Roll Ups. Anyone with kids will get a kick out of this one… Puree mangos and bake a thin layer on parchment paper on 175 degrees F for 4 hours.  Roll and cut into strips and you have instant snack that’s healthy and all natural.  Boom. Done.

Good mango products are based primarily off the type of mango you have… and I’m proud to say many have told me my White Pirie Mangos are the best “mangos ever.”  Disclaimer: if you do not use my mangos, I can not promise any of the aforementioned recipes will be awesome tasting.  (Insert evil laugh here)



If there are any of you out there who live on Oahu and want some “best mangos ever,” email me.  I’ll be right over.  For my subscribers who don’t live on this island, shoot me and email and I might mail one to you. 😉

The end of mango season is in sight friends.

Live mango and prosper.

Now I’d love to hear from you! Which mango recipe sounds the best?  Maybe you have a mango recipe of your own… please share it with me!!! Leave a comment below and let’s chat the love language that is mango.

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