Jul 14,2015

Master the DIY Pedicure

Did you ever have the feeling that everyone would see your chipping polish and cracked skin in your feet and think…

(Raises hand) yup. I know I did.

i love pedicures. Nothing makes me happier than having a pretty set of toesies when I go out.

Whether your a bride-to-be, mother of three, or anywhere in between, you can appreciate having a pedi at home… Cause let’s face it. Who has time to make a special trip out in the right shorts (not too high or low), wait in line, wonder if the amount of fumes will do things to your health later, and an hour half later…

Not me. At least not very often. 

So treat your feet to this wonderful foot bath. Trust me. Your feet will thank me. 

1. Clean old nail polish off.  I love the Zoya brand. It’s strong and doesn’t smell potent like the OPI brand  – you can get it here.  Warning… you will never want another brand of nail polish remover again.

2. Soak.  Get about a half cup of epsom salt (find this at any drug store) and a half cup of baking soda and add to warm water, then soak your feet for about 10 minutes.  It’ll also make you relaxed – added bonus! A dash of vinegar will help whiten stained nails.

3. Scrub.  In true DIY nature, mix some sugar crystals (better scrubbing power than granulated), baking soda and coconut oil and scrub away.

4. Primp and paint.  If you’ve got the time, use a cuticle pusher to gently push back those cuticles and clean any extra dead skin stuck to your nails.  Then paint – a perfectly pale blush or light pink is my favorite.  Like OPI’s Kiss on the Chic or OPI’s Makes Men Blush.

5. Wine.  Grab a glass of juicy prosecco, take a deep breath in… and out… and smile at your pretty toes.

Now, I wanna hear from you!  Do you have any tips and tricks to make your toes look their best? Please share them below in the comments!

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