Monthly Archives: July 2015

Jul 28,2015

Food Porn: The Prettiest Cocktail Ever

Is it Friday yet?! I’m dreaming of Friday and this pretty little cocktail is definitely on my mind.  On these hot summer days, this cold, light, sweet, and refreshing beverage is perfection. At your wedding, having a signature cocktail is EVERYTHING!  Okay, not everything, but is seriously adds to the ambiance when you can touch on… Read more »

Jul 21,2015

The best thank you for Out-of-town guests

“It is not happy people who are thankful.  It is thankful people who are happy.” And what better way to show your out-of-town guests how grateful you are that they cleared their schedules and spent extra money to help you celebrate one of the biggest moments in your entire life?! A thoughtful and welcoming basket… Read more »

Jul 14,2015

Master the DIY Pedicure

Did you ever have the feeling that everyone would see your chipping polish and cracked skin in your feet and think… Eww… (Raises hand) yup. I know I did. i love pedicures. Nothing makes me happier than having a pretty set of toesies when I go out. Whether your a bride-to-be, mother of three, or… Read more »

Jul 7,2015

Wedding Day Family Photo List – easy peasy.

You’ve only got about a half hour to an hour to get all the family pictures after your ceremony and before you need to enjoy your fabulous and fun cocktail – and trust me, you want to enjoy this.  You also get fabulous pictures you’ll actually want to use in the future in this casual… Read more »