Jun 30,2015

Marriage Myths… busted!

 I love happy endings. At the end of the glorious day, I love looking at my couples faces, happy, in love, and tired from the most awesome day. But really, that’s just the start of an epic journey. A journey that will have many more awesome and (let’s face it) terrible moments.  I don’t only want a fabulous start for my couples, but I want a truly successful lifetime.
As a veteran married person of eleven years I can tell you that all relationships (even the ones I have with my kids) take effort.  And if you can work through all the tough spots, you’ll both come out an even more spectacular team in the end.  Yup, it’s glorious here.  First, you’ll have to know what you’re getting into.
Here’s some marriage myths you should know before you say “i do.”
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   1.  Marriage fixes problems. 
    “He/she will be better once we’re married.”  “Once we’re married, she won’t nag so much.” “Once we’re married, he won’t be so insecure or overprotective.”
[Insert obnoxious buzzer sound]
Marriage is an event. A celebration. A contract. Marriage is many things, but it is not a problem solver.  If there are any irritating habits your partner has that you can’t live with forever, address it now.  Communicate with love. Talk about it and fix it first. Get married with not a single doubt in your mind.  Because let’s face it, if you can’t discuss and work through this, you may not have what it takes to solve bigger problems like financial responsibility and sharing, life insurance, parenting, how to care for aging parents, and so forth down the road.
2. He/she is perfect exactly in this moment and should never change.
  Over time (not a single day), we all change and hopefully grow to be better (but surely different) people. You are not the same person you were five years ago and you will not be the same person five years from now.  New experiences and circumstances change who we are and how we think.
You’ll inevitably have to learn to grow together and not apart, to keep this marriage strong. It’s a constant priority that needs attention, care, and nurturing to continue to thrive. Water and tend to the garden daily and it’ll grow as long as you live.

Here’s your tweet-able for the day – “Face all people with an open mind, open heart, and open communication.  It won’t fail you.” -Kristen Moux Events

Now, I’d like to here from you.  What marriage myths have you heard of?  Write them in the comments below.  I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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