Monthly Archives: June 2015

Jun 30,2015

Marriage Myths… busted!

 I love happy endings. At the end of the glorious day, I love looking at my couples faces, happy, in love, and tired from the most awesome day. But really, that’s just the start of an epic journey. A journey that will have many more awesome and (let’s face it) terrible moments.  I don’t only… Read more »

Jun 23,2015

Make him want you.

  You’re about to get a huge dose of sexy, so if you can’t handle it, I suggest you switch channels. Every man wants a piping hot siren whose sexiness oozes out of their body like they can’t hide it even if they wanted to. The solution: be that woman. It sounds simple because it… Read more »

Jun 11,2015

It’s a new day

It’s a new day at Kristen Moux Events!  Welcome to our brand-spanking-new site, polished and perfect. In preparation for this unveiling, a few fabulous vendors and I put together a photo shoot to highlight my style.  A big mahalo (Hawaiian for “thank you”) to all of you for your love and support! The fabulous Michael from… Read more »