May 20,2015

Must Shots! Pictures you need from your wedding…

When your wedding day is over, you’ll want to look back on your pictures fondly and remember the best moments and little details in their glory.  Here’s a list of must shots you need from your wedding day.

1. Bridal dress

Not only is this one of the most anticipated items for guests, it’s also probably the most expensive dress you’ll ever wear.  Do you really need another reason?! PC: George Wang


2. Details

Don’t forget about your rings, your bridal accessories, your gorgeous bouquet, and the invitation suite (give a pristine copy to your wedding planner to stage for you!). PC: Rae Huo


3. Prep

No matter where you’re getting ready, make sure to get shots of this process.  The anticipation and energy captured in these photos still makes the hair on my arms rise! PC: Rae Huo

4. The first look

Whether you’re going with the traditional custom of the groom not seeing the bride until she walks down the aisle or you’re doing a more contemporary and intimate “first look” before the ceremony, make sure your photographer gets shots of your soon-to-be hubby’s face when he first sees you.  Whether he’s teary, surprised, or in awe, this picture is priceless. PC: Rae Huo


5. The kiss

Not just any kiss, but THE first kiss as a married couple.  It’s completely filled with emotion and may be one of the most passionate kisses you’ll have the opportunity to plan to capture. PC: Orig Media

KristenMouxEvents_Marie and Jon_Central Union_001

6. Bridal Party

Your peeps! Of course you’ll want a shot of all of you together having fun in the moment.  They will make the wedding a real party and you’ll certainly want to remember your closest friends forever. PC: Orig Media and George Wang


7. Ambiance

When you arrive to your ceremony and reception site, it usually evokes a specific emotion of wonder and awe.  In order to capture and hold on to that feeling, make sure to get shots of the surrounding area in all of its glory. PC: Orig Media

8. Cake cutting

The first task you will do and complete together as husband and wife is cutting into your gorgeous, delicious, and very expensive cake.  You should definitely have a shot of this!  PC: George Wang


9. First Dance

Every professional photographer will get lots of pictures of your first dance… so romantic!  PC: George Wang


Now, I’d love to hear what’s on your list of must-have shots!  Leave a comment below!

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