Mar 24,2015

Including your pet in your big day

Our cute furry friends are like family! For many of you who own a beloved dog (cat, rabbit, bird, or even chameleon!) and want to include them in some way on your wedding day, here are some things to consider…


Choco walked down the aisle in the cutest little custom hanbok (traditional Korean dress).  pc: George Wang

1. His/her role Pets can either be in attendance (like a guest) or have a star role and walk down the aisle like a ring bearer.  There aren’t much cuter things than your furry dressed up and walking on rose petals.  Before you give your pet any specific roles, consider how your pet will feel and react to the role they’re given.  Maybe yours will not want all eyes on him as he walks down the aisle… and bolt off in the crowd knocking down sitting guests. 2. Venue If having your pet at your wedding is a “must”, make sure the venue you’re having your wedding at allows animals on their property.  Many private properties, hotels, and venues with other animals on display (aquariums and zoos) do not allow other animals on their property unless they are certified service animals.  Can’t have her there? You can still include her by adding photos at your site. 3. Pet Sitter You will need a pet sitter for the long day.  Depending on the needs of your pet, they may also need spot to rest, take walks, and relieve themselves (use the potty).  Your sitter will also need a restraint mechanism (leash, kennel, cage), just in case!  You don’t want to worry about your pets on your big day – so hire someone you have screened in advance and know your pet will be comfortable with. 4. Supplies Equip the sitter with all the necessities (food, water, wipes), and maybe even some comfort items (favorite toy, treats, bed) to keep your precious baby happy. 4.  Tell Everyone! Share with your guests via the invitation that your pets will be in attendance – just in case anyone has allergies.  Also let your photographer know so they can prep for fun photos and accidental appearances. And if you can’t have them physically there with you, consider these options…

  • Include their photos into table tents
  • Display their photos in the lounge or the cocktail area
  • Include them in your engagement photos
  • Use their silhouette or paw prints on favors

I would love to hear which tip you liked the best and why! Please leave a comment below!

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