Feb 23,2015

New baby

I have some exciting news… I’m expecting!

But it’s not a baby… It’s a business!  I have been thinking about this for a super long time (like 12 years!) and I am super passionate about finally living my dream to make this full-time. The journey is an adventurous one for sure, and has made me step outside of my normal conservative comfort zone, but what the hell. My head worked out the process and finally stepped up to my heart and soul’s purpose.  Thank you to Mary from Very Mary Inspired for giving me the frosting I needed to finish my cake.

So where’s it at?! I’m currently working with Ashley and Malone doing research for branding! Looking at different color combinations, textures and design concepts. It’s a bit stressful to have to decide on any one theme since there are SO many wonderful combinations to choose from.  I almost feel like a bride! But after a bit of research and soul-digging I gave myself the advice I give my party planners… Which one do you gravitate to the most? Which makes your heart sing? That’s the one you should choose. And don’t worry… You’ll have other ways (and other parties) to celebrate the other themes. Just Pin it for later!

Can I just take a moment to give a shout out to other entrepreneurs!  Here’s a happy dance just. for. YOU.  Woohoo!!!!

I give small businesses more credit than I have ever before… To step into unknown territory of being an entrepreneur has been an amazing journey that has taught me so much about myself (my own style, values, and priorities) as well as the logistics of starting a business (laws, taxes, marketing, competition – I like to call these guys colleagues).

So coming up will be a brand new website. New logo. New branding material. New packages and processes… Stay tuned to watch the struggles, heroic triumphs, and glitter. Because I promise what’s in store will be gorgeous.