May 19,2014

Whiskey and cigars…

I’ve searched the internet, pondered, and looked all over Pinterest for ways to create a birthday party for an adult male and make it… dare I say it… cute.  Yes, I wanted my husband’s birthday party to be cute for all the ladies and yet “cool” for all the dudes.   I went for a rough and rustic decor with an espresso stained picnic table, black wired cafe lights, and black metal lanterns.  To lighten the rustic and industrial look, I added ivory napkins, a beautiful and full floral centerpiece, a gold sequenced table runner and matching napkin holders. The fabric for the table runner and napkin holders came out to about $6 total from the fabric store.  With a little sewing, voila!

The foods that typically go well with whiskey go well with wine (my spirit of choice…what a coincidence!). Very excited, I lathered the table with the best cheese, charcuterie, and the matching starch and olives.

IMG_2982 IMG_3005

My daughter added the yellow flowers from our garden for her own personal touch.  Black chalkboard labeled mason jars were a perfect water cup for the occasion!

IMG_3012 IMG_2985IMG_2988

At night, the candles (in cleaned baby food jars) glowed on the table and looked like mini mason jars to continue the look and theme.


Labeled washi tape on toothpicks marked each cheese (simple and cute).

IMG_3027 IMG_3029

The bar with water, whiskey, and homemade flavored moonshine by Anthony, owner of Mercury Bar.

IMG_3004 IMG_3055

Classic chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for dessert! (Sorry no pictures of the roast or grilled veggies – we ate it too fast!)


A picture of our family…


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